Spreading E Wings Edu. Pvt. Ltd. Is an online platform established in Bangalore, Visakhapatnam and Tirupathi simultaneously on 16th December 2016 to cater to the educational needs introducing healthy competitive spirits among the young minds.

The foundation stone of the company is “Right Thought”

Any achievement under the sun is made metamorphic change with “Right Thought”.

Here, allow us to elucidate the philosophy of our company with the following quote.

“Sense the Right Thought to Detect Right Direction”

The very seed of “Spreading E Wings” advocates understanding and analysing. It is an online portal offering:

  • Content to Comprehend
  • Videos to visualize
  • Practice to permeate perfection

It aims to strengthen a mind to sense the right thought…..Why?

The supreme quote propounded by the founder and Honorary Director of “Spreading E Wings Edu. Pvt. Ltd. Mr.N.C.Mohan – known as NCM- “Sense Right Thought to Detect Right Direction” encapsulates a profound concept that underscores the significance of one’s thought in shaping the path they choose to follow in life. It emphasizes the pivotal role of our internal cognitions in determining the external courses of action. In a nutshell, any aspirant, who will delve into the meaning and implication of the quote, explore how aligning our thoughts with our aspirations can lead us in the right direction.

We emphasize your thoughts.

Thoughts are seeds from which our decisions and actions germinate. They influence our perceptions, emotions and behaviour, thereby acting as a driving force behind our life’s trajectory. Right thoughts, therefore, are fundamental in navigating the complexities of existence. They obviously serve as the compass guiding us towards our goals and aspirations.

A pattern Alignment with Values and Goals: Spreading E Wings paves a way to generate Right Thoughts:

These Right Thoughts are intrinsically tied to our values and goals. To detect the right direction in life, the aspirant must first identify and define one’s core values and set clear objectives. When one’s thoughts are aligned with these values and goals, one’s decisions and actions naturally follow suit. This alignment is supplied by the methodology of Spreading E Wings ensures that any aspirant, who is consistently moving in a direction that resonates with deepest desires.

The association of Spreading E Wings supplies clarity and focus:

Spreading E Wings puts stress on the essentiality of cultivating clarity and focus among the aspirants thinking to find the right direction. Naturally, young minds are often cluttered with distractions and negative thoughts that can cloud our judgment and impede our progress. By consciously cultivating right thoughts, the respondent can eliminate the mental clutters, allowing himself/herself to perceive the path ahead more clearly.

Spreading E Wings – A Treasure Trove of Positive Thinking:

We believe that positivity is a powerful catalyst for progress. When any aspirant maintains a positive mindset, he/she is better equipped to overcome obstacles and setbacks. Right thoughts are synonymous with constructive and optimize solving abilities but also encourage resilience and perseverance. We build the very positivity as a cornerstone for determining the right direction in one’s life.

Spreading E Wings – generates “Self-Awareness”

We identify a much-ignored part of the competitive world is Self-Awareness. We believe self-awareness is another crucial aspect of sensing the right thought; it involves introspection and an understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and inclinations. By knowing oneself deeply, one can make choices that are in harmony with one’s individuality. Ultimately leading oneself in a direction that is personally meaningful and fulfilling.

Informed Decision Making – Our Philosophy

Right thoughts are not solely based on intuition but also on informed decision making. This implies that gathering knowledge, searching advice and analyzing various aspects of satisfaction play a vital role in making the right choices. Informed decisions are likely to lead the aspirant in a direction that aligns with perfect goals and values.

Spreading E Wings promotes Pragmatic Resistance of Negative Influences:

We make a trust with tryst in every aspirant, who envelops the psychology emulates that in the journey of life. Every young mind often encounters negative influences and extends pressures that can anyone astray. Right thoughts will equip with the ability to resist such influences and maintain impeccable integrity. This resilience ensures that the aspirant stays on the path he/she has chosen for themselves rather than being swayed by external forces.

As a Conclusion, in the grand tapestry of life, finding the right direction can be a daunting task. We advocate “Sense Right Thought to Detect Right Direction” serves as a beacon of wisdom. It reminds every uncluttered mind that the thoughts and not mere whims but the driving force behind our actions.

When one cultivates right thoughts, aligns them with one’s core values and goals and maintains clarity one positivity. We are sure that a trained soul becomes more adept at navigating life’s complexities. By implementing so, every seeker is aptly equipped with the powers to detect and pursue the right direction, ultimately leading anyone to a life that is in harmony with one’s true self.